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Written on: Thursday June 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: Rachel & Lisa's Eurotrip

So, after a short flight with the lovely people of easyjet, lisa and i have made it to the second leg of our trip.  we're in amsterdam!!!  london was good but we spent a lot of our time there feeling a little jetlagged and like we were waiting for our trip to really start.  well it has!  amsterdam is such a cool city.  the buildings are all so impressive, from the huge city hall to the row houses lining the canals.  everything is quite detailed and just looks so historic.  we're really enjoying just wandering the city every day.

Tuesday was our first day here.  we were up at the crack of dawn - quite literally - to catch our flight, which made for a very long day.  we're staying in the bulldog for our first 2 nights, which was a great choice.  the place is huge, with a bar downstairs and even a rooftop terrace on top.  to sum up our first day, we visited the anne frank museum.  that was a somewhat emotional flashback to reading the book for both of us.  we even caved and bought copies in the giftstore - we're suckers, i know.  we managed to find some traditional dutch food for dinner after wandering the red light district that night.  yes- we kept our appetites even after wading through hordes of gawking guys and less than attractive prostitutes dancing in the windows.

after dinner we set ourselves up in the hostel bar.  we were supposed to have an easy night but we ended up meeting a group of people and staying till close.  one of the guys went to ubc so, of course, we were instantly friends.

on thursday, it was back to exploring for lisa and i!  we checked out the flower markets and Reiksmuseum and just wandered around the city again.  later on that afternoon, we headed back to the hostel bar to await Garreth's arrival with beers in hand.  sure enough he showed up right on time and we once again took off to wander the red light district and get a bite to eat (and yes, we still managed to eat). 

on day number three in Amsterdam, we were greeted with rain and a shortage of dorm beds in the city, but since we had decided we still had some exploring to do in the city, we treked over to the tourist office to bed and plead for a place to stay.  apparently many other people were loving Amsterdam too and there were absolutely no dorm beds available in the city so we had to settle for a three bed hotel room on the other side of the city.  it was a place to stay so we took it and went about moving our bags over to our new home.  a good part of the rest of our day was spent doging the rain, trying to find hostels in Paris and booking a train to Paris...but we did manage to learn the difference between a café and coffee shop and what a brown bar was (an old bar that serves nasty strong liquor).

our final day in Amsterdam certainly made up for the previous day though, as we spend the morning on bikes, riding through the city.  it was deffinitly a great way to see the city and it finished off our time in Amsterdam perfectly......