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American trip

Written on: Tuesday February 5th, 2008

A journal entry from: Hawaii

Hi everyone,

here is a itinerary of our trip to America.

When we got to the airport in Hawaii we were amazed at the security (not real flash) then we waited ages for our bags and walked straight through customs.  Arrived in Honolulu at around 11am after a long flight, we didnt get much sleep and we couldnt get into our room.  We wondered down to the beach and had a bit of a look around all the shops.  When we got into our room at 3pm, we had the best sleep ever.  Then just hung out in the motel room.

The next day we went for a swim at the beach.  The water was so nice, although there were lots of people and the quiet spots were really rocky.  Didnt really do much, walked along the beach past the aquarium and back.

18/3- Got up at 6am to go to Pearl Harbour, ran out the door to catch the bus.  We were the youngest couple on the tour.  When arriving at pearl harbour at 7am we didnt even make front of the line.  By the time the gates opened at 730, the line was way down the road.  Started by watching a movie on the pearl harbour attack (Jason thought this was the best bit of the memorial) then went out to the memorial by boat.  This is where 900 sailors are entombed in the sunken ship.  Only allowed to stay out there for 15 minutes, altough thats all you really need, as aussies it doesnt mean as much to us.  Had a look at other displays like submarine and missiles before driving to an aviation museum.  The guide had a story for every display there.  The tower in our photos is the control tower that was in the movie Pearl Harbour.  Also most of the buildings have not been restored since the attack and there are bullet holes in all the hangers.  From there we went to the Mighty Mo (USS Missouri) where the surrender delcaration was signed on the deck.  We had fun wondering around for a couple of hours.

Today we climbed diamond head, an extinct volcanoe.  The walk up was a bit of a challenge most of the way was real rocky, then a heap of steps.  We passed an old couple that were determined to make it to the top.  Great views up there, but it was a bit chilli.  Started to go down after taking a heap of pictures when there was aback up of people.  The little old lady had fallen down the stairs and knocked herself out.  Noonecould get passed so we went back up to the lookout.  We had to sit and wait for the ambulance to get there, then to excitment we realised they were going to airlift her out- they were straight in front of us!  We got to video the whole thing, it looked pretty scary as they swung to the ground, there was not one cute ambo (the little old lady was OK).  It was the highlight of the day.

Circle Island Tour-Got on the bus, the bus driver was cracking jokes as soon as we got on (we were the couple that are shacking up) Started by driving through waikiki past all the expensive homes.  Stopped at diamond head lookout took a few photos then to haunama bay where the snorkelling is, it looked like a kiddie pool.  Nice spot though, they are the beach with palm trees in the photos.  Then went to a blowhole lookout, it wasnt that great (wasnt that high) the beach next to it was where From here to eternity was filmed.  Stopped and took photos at another beach, seen rabbit island, looked nothing like a rabbit.  Then up to Pali lookout, which is only 1/2 way up the mountain (took more photos).  Then went to a chinese temple-very pretty.  But had to drive through a cemetery, it awful, very disrespectful.  They have a weird tradition of leaving favourite foods of the dead at the grave sites.  There were a few opened beers just sitting there.  Had lunch at a ranch before going to macademia farms to have samples.  Drove past pier and restuarant where 50 1st dates was filmed.  Then drove up to north shore past valley where jurassic park, lost and mighty joe young were filmed.  The highlight was meant to be pipeline (the beach where the surfing competitions are held) but the only day that the surf was flat, we didnt even see any white water.  But it was all made up when we went to the dole plantation (pineapple farm).  We got to ride the train, choo-choo!  Then we got to do the worlds largest hedge maze with all the other kids-it was great!

The next couple of days we spent relaxing, we were sick of all the touristy things.  Although jason did take me for a nice romantic walk along the beach after dark so we could see all the expensive motels we wernt staying at.


From Michelle Andrea and Joyce on Mar 21st, 2008

Where are you, we want to know what you are up to... PS the lollies are nearly all gone!

From marc on Apr 1st, 2008

more pictures please and send me a present. p.s jason your not getting any thinner.

From mummy and daddy on Apr 4th, 2008

there is no way known that you went on that ride jason!

From Shel & Kylz on Apr 5th, 2008

Hey linda-loo-loo!!! looks like your having fun there. pls send more pics of good looking men! ps we luv the zebra!

From mummy and daddy on Apr 10th, 2008

did you visit the little white chapple. the food must be good over there jason!

From Daniel on May 22nd, 2008

Hi Jason and Linda, Cool webpage and good to see you're enjoying yourselves. Especially you Jase, looks like you're in a good paddock!

From marc on Jun 2nd, 2008

marcs got the internet on in his new house now. whats going on in london? and whats my facebook password?