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Heathrow Airport, England

Written on: Saturday June 27th, 2015

A journal entry from: South Africa, Europe 2015

The Champagne wine countryside is very beautiful and would lend itself well to cycle touring/wine tastings. Again for another year as our time was pressing. From there we headed north traversing a number of WW1 battlefields, as timing would have it just as the red poppies are in full colour . It seems beautiful until one thinks of the horror and devastation that happened there not so terribly long ago. We camped on the south side of the French border before motoring across Belgium in a couple of hours arriving to some cold, windy weather in the Netherlands. Our first stop was the island of Tholen to visit our friends Jaques, Betsie and their cute little daughter Nina. Then on to The Hague for our annual Indonesian feast with Guillaume Zahnd.

Just before leaving Holland, as we arrived at our campground in Leiden, the weather had improved and after a morning of packing and cleaning we were able to go on a lovely canal side bike ride. We dropped the van off at the storage depot near Amsterdam and then trained/ferried to Harwich, England. Harwich turned out to be a very quaint little English town attached to a giant harbour and ship building yard. We spent an agreeable day wandering around the old town and strolling up and down the beachside promenade. We stumbled upon the Mayflower Project which plans to built a replica of the famous ship of that name (as apparently it was actually built in Harwich and manned by a Harwich crew). We were given a tour of the building sight by a local volunteer. There is not much there yet but the plan is to have the ship built by hand in the traditional way by 2018 and have it undertake the original voyage to the New World by 2020. Our 5 month odyessy ended with a train and tube trip through London and on to Heathrow airport. We've had a wonderful time but are eager to return home and for once experience summer in Vancouver which, we have been told, can be quite nice.


From Helen on Oct 25th, 2015

WOW!!!!!!! are you okay>???? i feel like maybe u should go see a dooctr. this happened to my friend a long time ago and she woke up the next day foaming at the mouth and tried to bite me so be careful and if she srtarts drooling and white foamy stuff starts coming then get out of there!!!!! xox

From King on Dec 21st, 2015

I had car accident (it wasn't my fault, it was pakred when another car run into it). Few days after I've received a letter from my isurance company saying: Please contact us to confirm how the details of the other party were optained? . Also they are asking me if I was a witness of the accident or did a witness provide me with information. I don't know what exactly they are asking about? Dothey want to know how I get details of the other driver or are they asking about the company that have my car now to repair it?