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Albufeira, Portugal

Written on: Sunday May 10th, 2015

A journal entry from: South Africa, Europe 2015

This week we took a holiday from our vacation (or perhaps vice versa) and spent the entire time at a real resort, an RCI generously given to us by Bev's mom. This was located just west of a town called Albufeira situated about midway along the Algarve coast. The town itself was not the main attraction as it is a horrible mish mash of modern buildings that are strung along the hillside. The beaches however, are among the most fantastic we have ever seen. To the east of our resort is a glorious seashore path which led us along orcre coloured cliffs interspersed with idyllic small cove beaches. To the west is the Praia de Galé an immense and undeveloped beach that spreads all the way to the next town. Situated at intervals along these beaches there are cute little seaside bar/restaurants which specialize in serving seafood caught in the adjoining waters. We, of course, spent the week hiking up and down the coast trying some of the restaurants but also enjoying the feeling of standing up while cooking at our self catering apartment. Lounging  on the chaise lounges poolside was also a major activity. At the end of the week, and feeling a little lazy, we did a quick excursion to a small village named Alte that is reputed to be the prettiest in the Algarve. Set in the hills above the coast and consisting of a series of narrow, cobbled streets it was indeed lovely. Taken over mainly by British expats it is a gardener's delight with beautiful Mediterranean flowers everywhere.



From Jan Robinson on May 9th, 2015

I am so enjoying your blogs and pictures. You two certainly have a wonderful time, hiking, exploring and eating - my mouth waters at food, particularly the sardines. You take full advantage of all your travelling, and keep up the good times. Have never been to Portugal or Spain - maybe someday. Lots of love. Jan

From Steve & Gary on May 10th, 2015

Gary and I love you blog - the photos are wonderful and text is descriptive and visual!! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday as you both continue your adventures!! And people thought that Gary and I traveled a lot!! LOL!!! Hugs!!