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Written on: Thursday March 5th, 2015

A journal entry from: South Africa, Europe 2015

Our last couple of days at the villa were spent hiking in the Cape mountains, swimming at James Bay and,of course, eating and drinking that fine wine. At one point we hosted a number of South Africans for dinner and were rewarded with interesting views of their take of the new South Africa. While there are many good reasons why a person could want to live in this country there are many uncertainties that the remaining European inhabitants much face. As Canadians we agreed that we would find it difficult to live behind locks, gates and alarm systems and are happy that we are able to go for walks in the evening after dinner with no concern for our personal safety. At the end of the week the group broke up, leaving for various African destinations. A number of us followed Renee down to a seashore resort called Arniston. This is where she, Brian and their children spent many vacations at Brian's parent's cottage while they were living in Cape Town. The weather was blustery but we did go for walks along the stunning seashore with the more hardy of us venturing in for a swim in the surf. We had an amazing lunch in the fishermen's village and wonderful braais back at our rented cottage. We are once again on our own and back in wine country (does anyone see a pattern?) enjoying the hot weather (42C yesterday) and gearing up mentally for our 18 day overland excursion to northern South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.