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Wilderness National Park, South Africa

Written on: Friday February 13th, 2015

A journal entry from: South Africa, Europe 2015

Our first exposure to South Africa has been an interesting mixture of experiences. Probably because we went directly from the airport to the chicest wine village  (Franschhoek) in the country and then continued along South Africa's poshest drive (the Garden route). There are abnormalities about being in the Southern Hemisphere such as February being early fall, water twirling in a reverse rotation in the toilet, and the north being the sunny side. Aside from that there is the strange sensation of seeing Dutch inspired architecture in a country that hasn't had much contact with Holland since the early nineteenth century and having people speak to us in Dutch accented English (not everyone of course,  this country has a huge number of languages which are reflected by the way the inhabitants speak English.)

Pleasant surprises have been the very agreeable temperatures, the more than reasonable prices, the quality of the food/wine/coffee and the well maintained highway system. Things will of course change dramatically as we visit other parts of the country but for the moment we are enjoying the European/Californian feel of the coast and wine areas. People on the whole seem very friendly and apart from all the signage surrounding the many gated communities warning of armed response we feel  relatively safe in this part of the country.


From Marilyn & Wayne on Feb 13th, 2015

Great pictures...stay safe!!...and mostly sober.

From Maya on Feb 13th, 2015

You two sure know how to live! 😍 Way to go! And, happy Valentine's Day from the other side! 😉