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Le Cantal

Written on: Friday August 22nd, 2014

A journal entry from: Europe 2014

Although we were only there a sort time I thought I could devote a whole blog to the Cantal. This is an "département'  that forms part of the Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne. As the name suggest it's volcanic mountain country composed of volcanos, craters, lakes and forests. Much of the hiking we did there was above the tree line and the views were fantastic! Very often the hiker is able to get to the top and then hike for kilometres along mountain ridges looking down both sides to beautiful verdant valleys. Consequently this is a very popular area for randonneurs and with binoculars you are able to see them climbing peaks and walking along ridges for miles. As an added attraction for us this is also cheese country and we were able to gorge ourselves with a variety of cheeses such as Cantal, St. Nectaire, Forme D'Ambert and Bleu d'Auvergne. Cheeses we know from Les Amis du Fromage in Vancouver but so much cheaper and tastier than at home. The only downside to this region is that because even the low areas are at over 1000m altitude it's cold. One morning we woke to 4c and this in the middle of August!