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Written on: Friday June 20th, 2014

A journal entry from: Europe 2014

We started our trip with a hop across Canada to Toronto to see our son Briac and his girlfriend Jayne. Toronto is a great place to be while the world cup of soccer is going on as there is a fairly good sized group of supporters for whichever country happens to be playing. All that may be nothing compared to the largest gay pride event in the world which will be happening next week right in the area where Briac  and Jayne live. When not watching soccer we spent our 5 days there walking around the city and trying out some of the patio dining. The West needs to stop bashing the place as Torontonians are some of the friendliest people around.


It's a pretty quick flight from Toronto to Amsterdam. Our good friend Rene met us at the airport with our trusty VW van. After a quick stop at the local grocery store to fill up with Dutch cheese and such we drove off to our favorite Dutch campground. We had planned on staying around for an extra day to watch Holland play, however the weather was so chilly and blustery that we ended up hitting the road travelling an epic 1000km (through Paris by the way) in a mere 11/2 days. This bought us to a lovely campground (with swimming pool) in one France's quintessentially French towns, Sarlat in the Dordodgne Valley. The weather here is sunny and hot (35c today) perfect for a sightseeing cycle in the morning and a lie by the pool in the afternoon. We move on tomorrow to another beautiful town called Cahors from where we leave the van to begin the next 11 day stage of the Chemin de Compostelle walk that we started last year.


From Lori on Jun 20th, 2014

Great to see the photos of Briac and Jane. Briac looks so much like Larry! That French campground looks like my kind of camping. Bon voyage on the Chemin de Compostelle.