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The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Written on: Wednesday March 5th, 2014

A journal entry from: Thailand and Malaysia 2014

From Langkawi we again flew (with such cheap air fares and reports of horrific bus crashes on the mountain roads it was a no brainer) across the peninsula to a place called Kuantan. Why Kuantan? people kept asking. It's true the city itself is a place tout fait sans charme, however we were able to get our last week of timeshare at the Swiss Garden resort. There was nothing at all Swiss about the place; however it is located on a really long beach and has a lovely swimming pool. It also has some pretty good food in its three restaurants which is a good thing as the resort is really out in the middle of nowhere. We did try a day in town but are finding that Malaysia, being somewhat more advanced than the other SE Asia countries, has been completely overrun by the automobile. Walking is a complete nightmare as they have put nothing in place for the pedestrian . Whereas in other countries you dodge scooters, here you dodge cars. This you are doing constantly as the few sidewalks that exist are occupied by parked cars. In addition you must constantly have your eye on the ground in front of you as there are open sewage drains everywhere. We breathed a sigh of relief upon our return to the resort and for the rest of the week enjoyed its calm and quiet (and amazing swimming pool). At the end of the week we were on the move again by bus, taxi and speedboat headed for the Perhentians, a group of islands off the north east coast of Malaysia. This is about the most beautiful and relaxing place we have ever been. The islands are blessedly free of roads, therefore no crazy traffic and little noise except the buzz of the little outboard taxis that take people between beaches and from island to island. The beaches themselves are gorgeous with snow white sand and crystal waters. The big activities here are snorkelling and diving.There are coral reefs off most beaches teeming with tropical fish and beautiful underwater plants. We have stuck to snorkelling and kayaking around the many beaches revelling in the beauty and calm. Our happiness is complete as at one of the resorts we found an amazing restaurant and a barrista who makes the best americanos we have ever encountered in the east.




From Marianne on Mar 5th, 2014

Soooo lovely! All your pictures and descriptions are delightful. Life looks good! See you soon.