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Langkawi, Malaysia

Written on: Thursday February 13th, 2014

A journal entry from: Thailand and Malaysia 2014

From Koh Jum we moved on to our second favourite island and resort Koh Sukorn. To get there you have to transfer through a town by the name of Trang. Trang doesn't have much to offer except for a great night market and fantastic desserts at a little café we found. From Trang  we did the budget transfer to Sukorn. This involves a saengthong (a little pick up truck with bench seats in the back), a very small ferry and finally a very short tuk tuk ride. Sukorn is a fun island to cycle around as it is small, flat and full of little paved pathways through the little villages. This gives a great opportunity to see the locals involved in their daily lives and the small-scale  industries that sustain them. Aside from tourism these include rice production, rubber tree plantations, fishing and shrimp farming and a little bit of vegetable and fruit production. They are quite a busy and well off bunch. At Sukorn Beach Bungalows we live the same quiet existence as on Koh Jum but it's an even quieter location being somewhat more difficult to get to.On our way to Langkawi in Malaysia we took a combination of long tail boats, speed boats and ferries through a couple of other Thai islands, Koh Boulon Lae and Koh Lipe. Koh Boulon was very small and idyllic with an amazingly beautiful beach. Lipe, on the other hand, has been ruined during the last few years by mass development and an overpopulation of tourists brought in by speedboats coming in from Puket, Phi Phi and Lanta. Over the border in Malaysia the island of Langkawi is quite large and developed when compared with the little Thai islands we are used to, however it is surprisingly relatively uncrowded and not at all overdone.


From Sharon B. on Feb 14th, 2014

Those photos and the text is great - takes us there. We'll have to get your notes one day. Wondering however you've found those places. Love the Indiana Jones! xo