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Koh Jum

Written on: Thursday February 6th, 2014

A journal entry from: Thailand and Malaysia 2014

We had to be ferried for a couple of stages of the bike trip because of my sore butt and Bev's stomach problems however we did manage to complete the trip on our own. The ride in to Chiang Mai from the south was very interesting as we came through a number of handicraft villages where the locals were producing items from paper making to furniture building. Thanks to modern medicine and polysporin we were feeling pretty good by the time we finished and the 2hr. flight to Krabi brought us a pleasant change in the weather. Now our night time lows are more in the 22c range with the daytime temperature hovering around a very pleasant 32c. We stayed a day in Krabi to resupply with vital items (such as Campari) , enjoy one of the best massages around and eat at the night market. From there it's a quick ferry and long tail boat ride to our (so far) favourite place in Thailand, Koh Jum Island. For us this is paradise . Koh Jum remains unspoiled by large scale developments and has just the right mixture of small resorts, beautiful beaches and quaint little villages to keep things laid back yet interesting. On our little break here from the hard work of travelling we spend our days walking up and down the beach, swimming and tanning, reading,  sampling the local cuisine, enjoying massages from the best man and wife massage teams around and sipping Campari sodas while we watch the sun set in the west. This is retirement as it should be.


From Sharon B. on Feb 7th, 2014

Wow, someone looks relaxed! What did you look like, Larry, after the massage? (right out of the picture?) Can foreigners drive those small buses? Maybe Ray and I could retire too?

From Pat and Anne on Feb 7th, 2014

Great to hear from you and see your beautiful photos. What great memories of time spent on Koh Jum and Krabi!! Thinking of you both. Although we're enjoying sunshine, the temperatures don't allow for bathing suits!

From Marilyn and Greg on Feb 10th, 2014

You are bringing back so many memories from our journey to SE Asia in 2007! We just reread our Footstops journal, and Koh Jum was one of our favourite places also. Your travel stories make us ache for a return visit. Marilyn & Greg Lawrence