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Written on: Wednesday November 20th, 2013

A journal entry from: Mexico November 2013

We had barely touched down in Vancouver after our four month European trip before taking off again. This time to Mexico for a two week trip. The attraction was a rendezvous with a group of friends we call the "villa people". This was our third séjour in a villa, the first time being in Umbria, Italy and the second Corsica, France. The villa this time was situated near the center of a beautiful Spanish colonial town called San Miguel de Allende. The quickest way to fly to San Miguel is through a larger city in the area by the name of Querétaro. From Querétaro it's a quick hour and a half taxi ride to San Miguel. San Miguel de Allende is a jewel of a town filled with excellent restaurants, numerous cultural activities and music everywhere. On our way to San Miguel we passed a huge procession of horsemen participating in the San Martin Caballero festival on their way to the small town of St. Martin. After arriving in town and checking into the villa we all went to the central plaza just in time to see the horsemen passing through. It was quite a spectacle! A couple of days later we city dudes tried our own hands at horseback riding at a hacienda just outside of town. With the help of some real Mexican vaqueros and some pretty tame and well trained horses we were able to tackle  the wild hills for a short ride followed by a soak in some hot springs to assuage our weary bones. Aside from a day trip to explore La Pena de Bernal (the stone of the rock) apparently one of the world's tallest monoliths we mostly hung around San Miguel: shopping at the market, exploring the cobblestoned back streets and sampling some of the town's wonderful cuisine. In the 33 years since we last visited the town there have been many changes, almost all of them for the better.


From Murray on Nov 25th, 2013

Thanks Clea Larry Bev nice journals and inspire travel for me. Great to see you for dinner

From barb on Nov 27th, 2013

A rolling stone gathers no moss!