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Written on: Tuesday October 8th, 2013

A journal entry from: Europe 2013

We have moved from the southwest of France to the southeast. As we moved into October the southwest was beginning to feel decidedly out of season. Just as we were getting used to not waiting for showers, toilets ect. in campgrounds the campgrounds mostly closed. So it was over to the French Riviera where it's back to nomal. This campground in Cassis has the feeling of mid summer filled with all kinds of people from all over, including, surprisingly kids. On the way here we stopped off to visit our friends Denis and Marie near Aix en Provence. They were getting ready for a weekend of vendanges (grape picking) of their third vintage. We helped picked a few table grapes but ate most of them. Now we are back in Cassis a place I blogged from a little over a year ago. The attraction here is a gorgeous little seaside town and the Calanques, a series of fiord like inlets that make for amazing hiking. In between exploring the many trails we bused into Marseille for the day. Despite the fact that Marseille is reputedly the murder capital of Europe we managed to make it in and out unscathed. It is a busy, bustling city, however and we we happy to return to the quiet of Cassis.


From julie on Oct 11th, 2013

just wonderful - I must go on holiday with you two soon. How about in November?