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Concarneau, France

Written on: Thursday September 5th, 2013

A journal entry from: Europe 2013

Our next stop was at a place called, curiously enough, St. Briac sur Mer. This beautiful little coastal village is a food shopper's paradise containing a boucherie, un epicier fin, une cremerie, un poissonier and 4 patisseries. Not only that but it's located on a beautiful beach within cycling distance of St Malo (ville d'art et d'histoire). After celebrating our first day of retirement at a patisserie Briacine eating croissants et pain au chocolat we headed further along the Brittany coast to an area called la Côte de Granit Rose. As the name suggests this particular stretch of coastland is dotted with masses of enormous pink boulders some of which resemble recognisable objects. We were lucky enough to arrive to bright blue skies and the contrast between the colourful granite rock formations and the deep blue of the sky and ocean made for some great picture taking opportunities. This is an area of small coves and sandy beaches, great for coastal walks or just sunbathing. From this little piece of paradise we cut across the Brittany peninsula to a town on the south coast called Concarneau. This is a beautiful walled town that has, unfortunately, been taken over by cheesy tourist shops. As a contrast Pont sur Aven, a little further on, is a wonderful little village filled with more artist's galleries than we have ever seen anywhere. This is partly as a result of the French artist Paul Gaughin's séjour here in the late 1800s. He apparently attracted a colony of artists that has remained ever since. Our last stop along this coast was on the Quiberon peninsula, a long,sandy outcrop from the French mainland perfect for long walks and bike rides.