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The Isle of Skye

Written on: Wednesday August 14th, 2013

A journal entry from: Europe 2013

Our last booking with Bev's family was in the border region of Scotland in a place called Kelso. This was a chance for them to trace a part of their heritage as Bev's grandmother was born in a small village just out of Kelso. We checked out the village graveyard and sure enough there were the  graves of her great grandfather and great grandmother. We could easily have lingered longer in this area as it is fine walking  and cycling country with beautiful villages and gentle hills. Time presses however; we needed to drop our visitors off at the Glasgow airport. From there we made tracks for the Scottish West Highlands, an area of high and wild mountains that dominate the glens and lochs. Our first stop was Glencoe, Scotland's most famous glen and the site of the Glencoe Massacre where the Campbells murdered the MacDonalds. Being of MacDonald heritage myself I now see why I dislike Gordon Campbell so much.  Glencoe village is a great base for a number of beautiful hikes and a cycle along an abandoned railway. Then it was on to the island of Skye. It is obvious why this is one of Scotland's top tourist destinations. Although the weather has been wet and wild this only seems to magnify the desolate beauty of the island.


From Julie hall on Aug 15th, 2013

Just like you I had the pleasure of finding my past family in a village graveyard. It is an amazing experience to pay your respects to those long gone. Love the photos. You are making Scotland look quite the pleasant place to visit!!!

From Jan Higgins on Aug 15th, 2013

Great photos guys! I miss the relaxed atmosphere, weather and all!

From Barb Scobie on Aug 15th, 2013

My you two know how to live!!!

From Sharon B on Aug 15th, 2013

Um, Larry, my family name was Campbell :) I didn't know you were one 'of those' :) I actually lived in Ontario near Glencoe (not far)...Interesting. Did we really murder the McDonald's? I thought the big one was Colloden and everyone went for it. The clans, you know.

From Karen Munro on Aug 16th, 2013

If you get to Lewis in the Hebrides, you can look up my ancestors (Grahams and Mathesons) and watch out for famous knitter Alice Starmore. This sounds like a great trip