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Staff retreat (with animals!)

Written on: Friday February 1st, 2013

A journal entry from: Clea's Kenya

Last week the entire staff of ICJ went on our annual retreat. This year it was to a really great place in a national park near Mount Kenya, which also happens to be on the equator. The work part of the week was really tiring. We worked until dinner time each night, including once until after 8:30, by which time my stomach was ready to take over completely!


The non-work part was amazing, though. The "hotel" (actually a bunch of fancy tents) was actually in the park looking onto a couple of waterholes. This made seeing animals quite easy. Also, since we were there for so long we got to see different things on different days. Zebras, warthogs, antelopes, vultures, waterbacks, and these weird birds with cool hairdos were pretty constant. I also saw giraffes twice and rhinos once. And one day Mount Kenya was visible through the clouds. As part of teambuilding, I suppose, we also got to go on a night game drive where I say waterbuffalos and about seven lions!


The other fun things we did were to go check out the house where Prince William supposedly proposed to Kate. And we had a "bush dinner" which to be honest seemed to be eating normal food on tables on a lawn. 


From Mom on Feb 4th, 2013

The baby rhino should be told that isn't his best side!

From Lise on Feb 7th, 2013

Looks incredible!! So jealous. Those birds with the cool hairdos are crested crans - Uganda's national animal and featured on their flag!

From Lise on Feb 7th, 2013

Crane not cran...

From grandma on Feb 7th, 2013

Hi Clea, great pictures, what fun!

From Josh on Feb 8th, 2013

Looks like it was tons of fun! I'm sure George put on a show!

From Marie on Feb 11th, 2013

J'adore, j'adore, j'adore!!!!