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Written on: Wednesday December 26th, 2012

A journal entry from: Clea's Kenya

We came down from the mountains to yet another beach, this time near Pangani, which is just south of Tanga. Our place was a beautiful permanent tent structure (called a banda) near a mangrove forest. Our first night, we met a Dutchman who has retired to Tanzania and now runs a charity for street boys near Arusha. He seems to spend time every winter on this part of the coast and invited us to go snorkeling with him at a neighbouring resort. The first time we tried, we missed the boat by about 10 minutes. So instead he drove us to a stunning beach south of Pangani. Pangani, though, is on a river by the same name, and to get to the south side you have to take a small ferry that costs about $3.50. On the way back from the beach, the Dutchman and Amita both bought some souvenir wood bowls. Unfortunately, neither of them remembered that we needed to pay to cross the ferry again. The Dutchman ended up securing us a place by bartering his umbrella!


The second day that we tried to go snorkeling, the Dutchman's car wouldn't start. Fortunately, he got a staff member to drive us, and we actually made it in time. The snorkeling was amazing! We went out on a big version of the traditional dhow boats (luckily with a motor!) and stopped off for lunch at a couple of islands made entirely of sand that are only actually islands at low tide (sort of glorified sand bars way out in the ocean). Amita got her first ever sunburn, and we had a great time.