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Tiwi and Diani Beach

Written on: Wednesday December 19th, 2012

A journal entry from: Clea's Kenya

After the relaxing week at Watamu, we headed back south. We passed through Mombasa again, and then headed on to the tiny village of Tiwi. I really enjoyed Tiwi. We rented a cabin right near the beach. It wasn't very luxurious, but it was very nice and reminded us a bit of a better Canadian cabin (i.e. one with running water and indoor toilets!). The best part about Tiwi, though, was that villagers came up to our cabin selling everything we needed. We bought: mangos, bananas, limes, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, and ginger; fresh chapatis; a red snapper and what seemed like a pound of prawns from a fisherman (for about $10!); and, of course, fresh coconuts. I made a great, if I say so myself, pasta dish with the snapper and prawns, flavoured with coconut and tomatoes.


After Tiwi we went a couple of kilometers farther south to the much more touristy Diani Beach. It was much less crowded than I expected, and the beach is truly fantastic. The highlight of Diani, though, was when we went to a sacred forest called Kaya Kinondo. We were shown around by an extremely knowledgeable guide from the local community who explained not only the biological significance of the various plants, but also what the areas means to them spiritually. Also, I got to climb a tree! Of course, I completely scrapped my leg which is still in the process of healing, but it was still really cool.


From Laura C on Jan 7th, 2013

I love the Tiwi cabin!! No weathering damage in the land of the endless sun!! Have you had any bad weather since you arrived? We have...!

From Mom on Jan 7th, 2013

The picture number 9 is stunning! All those shades of blue! What a lucky girl.