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Written on: Sunday November 18th, 2012

A journal entry from: Clea's Kenya

I finally was in Town with both my camera and good weather. So you'll be able to see some pictures of the centre of Nairobi! Town is actually composed of both an Uptown and a Downtown. All the pictures you'll see are from Uptown since that is mostly where I hang out. It's where all the fancy hotels are that we have meetings at and the various courthouses. Downtown has much narrower streets and is where the cheap shopping and restaurants are.


By the way, you had all better really appreciate the pictures. The wireless at work isn't working for some reason, so I had to load them at home on our incredibly slow (and incredibly frustrating) network. It honestly took an hour and a half to upload them! 


From Grandma Mae on Nov 18th, 2012

Hi Clea, your pictures are great,don't think I'd like to drive there!!

From Carel Featherstone on Nov 22nd, 2012

Hi Clea, Your blog is fantastic and I am loving the photo's.Thanks for taking the time to share. The Hippo pics are my favorite!