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Amsterdam, Holland

Written on: Monday August 13th, 2012

A journal entry from: Europe 2012

We have spent the last week traveling through the Alsace region of northern France then a quick dash through Germany via one of their very scenic wine routes. We were headed for the Mosel river valley but as we arrived the rain started pouring from the skies. We decided to make it a driving day and ended up in Holland where we had to sit out three more days of Vancouver like weather. Apparently they also have had a terrible summer. Finally however the sun came out and we found ourselves in bike riding paradise. Holland is the most bike friendly country in the world and now seems to have won the war on cars (at least away from the motorways). Within about 40 km of driving we were able to camp near Delft, Hen Haag, and Leiden and from there follow the incredible network of cycling paths. We rode along canals with windmills past bucolic fields filled with sheep and cows and down a coastline of sand dunes and beautiful beaches. And the best part of all; it's all flat! That's all there is. Our trip and blog have come to an end. We didn't quite make it to Sardinia and Sicily but made up for it by spending more time in Corsica and southern France. No worries they will still be there for a future trip. Au revoir et la prochaine.