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Clairvaux, France

Written on: Tuesday July 31st, 2012

A journal entry from: Europe 2012

If it's Tuesday we must be in the Auvergne! We feel like we have really been moving lately. We have been in the Dordodgne, The Cantal, Le Parc National des Volcans D'Auvergne, Burgundy and the Jura mountains again. The driving and the scenery have been fabulous and we have been able to find time most days for a hike or a bike ride. We particularly liked the volcano region in central France. Here, amongst the high plateaus, 21 extinct volcanos raise their grassy cones. Many of these can be climbed either by car or by foot and the views from the top are fantastic. Unfortunately the weather turned on us and we were forced to leave after 2 days. We have vowed to return as soon as possible to further explore this wonderful area. After a quick stop in Burgundy we were back in the Jura mountains. Here we found a beautiful area filled with mountain lakes, rivers and waterfalls. This is also a cheese producing region perfect for making cheesy fondues and raclettes.


From Sharon B. on Aug 3rd, 2012

'Looks wonderful! I think we should do a fondu when you get back and you are starting to feel work-locked again. We have a raclette 'thing' if others have fondu pots...I can believe you biked 'right to the top' we did meet you 'right at the top' in Corsica too. The sun has come out here (only August 3rd :)) You can come home...