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Lacave, France

Written on: Tuesday July 24th, 2012

A journal entry from: Europe 2012

In over a week we have gone almost nowhere. Just meandered up the Lot river valley and back down the Celé. Once you get past Saint Cirque La Popie (voted the most beautiful village in France with a resulting deluge of tourists) the area becomes quiet and bucolic. There are a few chateaux to visit and some lovely villages, the roads are quiet perfect for bicycling. The restaurants are cheap compared to Provence and the Côte d'Azur but the food is sublime. Our goal in coming to this region was to visit our dear friend from university days in Aix en Provence. At 89 years of age Violette is still going strong and can put away a four course meal as well as I. After leaving Violette in her beautiful Lot valley town, Puy L'Evêque we drove north to the Dordogne river valley. A couple of days here then we begin our long journey north. Just found out that we have a new condo to come home too. Homeless no more!