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Montbrun les Bains, France

Written on: Monday July 9th, 2012

A journal entry from: Europe 2012

Four days of good weather is perhaps the most one can hope for in the mountains. After a couple more days of great hiking the spits of rain and the flies drove us out. We headed for an area very familiar to us, the Verdon in Provence. Le Canyon de Verdon is the deepest canyon in Europe apparently resembling a small Colorado (but you don't eat this well in Colorado). On the day of our anniversary we did a lovely cycle along the top of the canyon admiring the Verdon river far below us. Bev's vertigo and my claustrophobia did't allow us to do the hike through the bottom of the canyon. We then headed for a quaint little provençal town named Gréoux les Bains. 7 years ago we had celebrated our anniversary at Le restaurant des Alpes which has a lovely terrace around a swimming pool. The food then was excellent and if anything it is even better now. Since then we have meandered a little through the hills and valleys of backcountry Provence camping, hiking, biking and sampling la cuisine du terroir. This is an area we know well as we have cycled in circles through here in past summers. There are however, always new things to discover and the hill climbs are just a bit easier in the VW.


From Carel on Jul 22nd, 2012

I love the sunflowers with lavendar photo.