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Bonifacio, Corsica

Written on: Wednesday June 20th, 2012

A journal entry from: Europe 2012

Our week at the villa is over. It was a great break in a hectic traveling schedule. With 5 couples we were able to share cooking duties and ended up eating some pretty incredible meals as well as filling up the recycling bins with loads of glass. In between eating and swimming in the beautiful pool we did some great hikes, bike rides and sampled the local cuisine in a couple of restaurants. We had a lot of fun with a fantastic bunch of people! On our own again we headed to the mountains to a place called Corté. It is a picturesque little town situated in the centre of a great hiking area with towering mountains and glacial rivers. After a couple days of hiking and riding in the Corté area we did the long  (140 km ) drive down to Bonifacio,  the primo tourist destination in Corsica. And touristy it was albeit with some merit as it has a formidable citadelle  that looks over white chalk cliffs and further away the mountains of Sardinia.


From bev on Jun 21st, 2012

We are thinking of vietnam in the fall. Can you contact me at bparslowca@yahoo.ca

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