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Sartene, Corsica

Written on: Sunday June 3rd, 2012

A journal entry from: Europe 2012

After a fun two weeks we dropped Cléa at the Nice airport and the following day picked up our friends Ray and Sharon Brubacher from the same place. We drove them to visit mutual friends, Denis and Marie who live in Puy Loubier near Aix en Provence. They fed and wined us for two days and Denis led us on a hike up Mte. Ste Victoire. We'll see Ray and Sharon later at the villa in Corsica but in the meantime they are off to Malta for a week.  We had a couple of days before our ferry to Corsica so we headed back to Cassis on the sea this time to do La Route des Crêtes on our bicycles. This is a wonderful ride on a ridge overlooking the Mediterranean. The ferry ride to Corsica took us back to our early travel days. Instead of springing for a cabin on the overnight trip we slept on the floor. Made us feel young again (or very old). We arrived early in the morning in the Corsican capital Ajaccio. It has a lovely old town with a daily farmer's market where we loaded up on Corsican specialty cheeses and sausage.  Unfortunately the outskirts of the city are lined with the same horrific shopping malls and big box stores you see on the mainland. A little disappointed we headed south to find the beautiful beaches that Corsica is reputed to have. We found one at a place called Porto-Pollo and another at Belvédère-Campomoro both entailing hair raising drives on very tiny roads. We also found an amazing hike along the ancient customs path on the coast.


From Sharon B. on Jun 4th, 2012

Hey, we made it on your blog - what an honour :). Just dragging ourselves in the door after a day of cycling hilltop towns on Gozo, Malta. Hot! Steep! the Med is great for cool dips along the way. We were cycling up 45 degree roads that went for kms. Unbelievable. Nice to get home for the night but great day! Malta is easy to navigate with English their second language, ferries great and food good. xo Sharon B.