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Cassis, France

Written on: Wednesday May 9th, 2012

A journal entry from: Europe 2012

It's great to be on the road and camping again. After 20 years we are finally back in a van in Europe. We started by returning to one of our favorite places in France. It's a town called Nyons situated just  on the northern edge of Provence proper. Nyons benefits from a sort of micro climate as it is protected from the Mistral, a cold wind that roars down the Rhone valley , and it has a southern exposure that allows wine, fruits and olive trees to grow in abundance. We have spent a lot of time cycling in this area and for old times sake we cycled from our hill top campsite down to the marché provençal one day and even further afield to Vaison la Romaine another day. From there we moved on to St. Rémi en Provence which is close to Glanum, one of the best preserved Roman ruin sites in Provence. This is within cycling distance of Les Baux de Provence a former hilltop village which has been changed into a primo tourist site because of the beauty of its situation. As part of our cross training regime we moved down to the Côte d'Azur to a beautiful little seaside town called Cassis. Between Marseille and Cassis there are a number of costal inlets called Calanques. We spent a strenuous two days hiking above the Calanques enjoying the marvelous scenery.


From Glenna on May 9th, 2012

I remember those places. Beautiful countryside

From Sharon B. on May 9th, 2012

NICE! Cassis is one of my favorite towns on the coast too - I get it! I almost fell off the top of the cliff beside it when I went running for a view one time and went sprawling right by the edge with no fence of course :) Did you get to read "Last Rays of the Sun`` about Glanum and the Roman and Celtic battles there I can`t believe you biked up to Les Baux! That`s crazy - and would be hot with no trees really. Looks like a lot of fun - we`re almost there!

From Ken Neale on May 10th, 2012

Cassis is a fabulous seaside town. I loved it when I went there too. Also, I had some Vinsobres wine, available here and very good!

From Carel&Bruce on May 11th, 2012

Happy Birthday Bev!!! Cheers, B&C