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Written on: Wednesday April 25th, 2012

A journal entry from: Europe 2012

After a fairly painless subway, train, tram trip we arrived in Amsterdam. Our hotel, on one of the canals was also a loft up 5 extremely steep stairways. You have to be in some kind of shape to travel this way. We just had time to wander around the streets long enough to get lost and use our trusty Ipad to find our hotel again. Amsterdam is beautiful. There are canals everywhere. For dinner we went out for an Indonesian rice table which is a 20 (or so) dish extravaganza. The next day it was off to BW campers to pick up our van. It's very much the same as Briac and Jayne's red one with the same number of kilometers but 9 years newer. It's in pretty good shape considering the number of times it has probably been around Europe. After a horrifying stop at IKEA to stock up on equipment we went to meets friends, Greg and Diane Hallaway, who were visiting with relatives from Scotland. As we were so close and because this is the ideal time to see them we went to see the tulips and Keukenhof Gardens, fabulous!


From Sharon B on Apr 28th, 2012

Awesome, Larry, can you also turn water into wine? We are now counting on you for Corsica - we'd like 48 bottles over 7 days. Gorgeous colours but it looks more than a little cold and blustery (Ikea) but beautiful - colours - and congrats on your new ve Hicle! xoxo