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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Written on: Friday March 23rd, 2012

A journal entry from: S.E. Asia 2012

After a lovely stay at the Boat Landing guesthouse in Luang Namtha it was time to hit the road for  Thailand. We had a very scenic drive through the mountains of Northern Thailand in a minibus. It was an excellent road with no traffic. The only problem was that the driver was picking up things to sell at the border town so we kept stopping to pick up assorted items including a brace of fish that began to smell very badly by the end of the trip. We were not so lucky the next day in Thailand as we were too late to buy tickets for the express bus to Chiang Mai and instead had to take a local bus that stopped everywhere picking up and dropping off passengers. Nine hot and sweaty hours later we arrived at our destination. This northern Thai city has rapidly become one of our favorite places. It has great restaurants, espresso, cute little streets to wander and many beautiful wats or temples. We had barely time to check the place out before setting out on a 3 day self directed cycling trip to the north of the city. The tour company, Click and Travel, rents out everything you need plus gives detailed directions on the route to follow. They also reserve accommodations at beautiful resorts with swimming pools. Having just arrived from rural Laos it was interesting to see the differences with a more modern rural Thailand. Gone are the quaint bamboo villages to be replaced by concrete and wood housing. While the villagers in Laos produce nearly everything they consume their counterparts in Thailand engage in more large scale single culture agriculture thus earning money to pay for their other needs. They even have tractors here not water buffalo!


From Anne and Pat on Mar 23rd, 2012

Thanks for the update and great photos! Are the garbage cans made from a recycled material? Look forward to your return...hope that we've seen the end of the snow....hailed yesterday!

From Sharon Brubacher on Mar 23rd, 2012

Great zip into your current world - what was the story of the boat launch house resort. You only allude to it :)