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Luang Prabang, Laos

Written on: Wednesday March 7th, 2012

A journal entry from: S.E. Asia 2012

Our flight up from Pakse had a quick pop down in Vientiane before popping up to Luang Prabang. We went in a large Air Laos Airbus ,the newest plane we have ever been on. The trip took 45 min rather than the 14 plus hours overland. Vientiane has changed a lot in four years - many new cafés, restaurants, guesthouses and unfortunately cars and motor scooters. It still remains one of SE Asia's most relaxed capital cities and we enjoyed  the bit of time we spent there. Before getting to Luang Prabang proper we stayed at the guesthouse of one of the nicest families we have met yet, Khoune, Khone their 3 children and 2 nephews. These people spend all their free time and money helping the hill tribe people nearby cope with a new, modern society. While we were there they hosted a meeting of a Big Brother Mouse,


an NGO dedicated to improving literacy among the minority people of northern Laos. We had bought a number  of books from the organization in Vientiane and were able to send them up into the hills with someone from the group. Koune took us on a trip to some watefalls and a Hmong village and Khone cooked us a special Laos meal that was amazing! Arriving by Koune's 40 plus year old jeep in Luang Prabang we observed the same changes as in Vientiane but perhaps more so. The most disappointing being the amount of plastic garbage. From nonexistent 4 years ago to everywhere! We also had to deal with a lot of smoke as it's burning season in the north. One day we rented bikes and went across the river and up in the hills to see some of the minority tribe villages. We really did get away from it all! While we didn't actually get lost we took way longer than expected and had to contend with very hot, smoky weather with little water and no food. We both had sunstroke and ended up sick the next day for our efforts.  On our last day we took a Lao cooking course. Lao cuisine is similar to Thai however they tend to use more greens and other vegetables. Done well it is wonderful! The title of our guidebook for Luang Prabang was "Stay Another Day" and we certainly could have as there is so much to see and do .


From greg lawrence on Mar 7th, 2012

We loved Luang Probang! Marilyn taught young monks at the Mouse school while we were there.

From Linda and Ted on Mar 7th, 2012

The veggies look amazing. We're expecting a great vegetarian meal when you are home! Love, Linda and Ted

From Elva on Mar 27th, 2012

Mom - Hi darlin's, Just looekd at your pics and they are fab. I want a Budda for Xmas, (big one) and the food if mouthwatering!! Love you and miss you now that I have seen you in the pics. Bring an elephant home if you like and he can sleep with Pee in the Air!! xoxoxoxoxox Mom

From Jorgel on Dec 21st, 2015

New Years in Bali doesn't sound fun at all! They hotel staff didn't forewarn you beofre you left the hotel? What day is their New Year on, I want to make a mental note not to go there on that date.I wish had known at the time that the little girl was sharing her New Year with me. I would have dumped my water bottle on her. But then again, she might have turned a garden hose on me and my camera wouldn't have been fine. Lesson learned, keep you camera in a plastic bag when traveling in Laos in April. Now that I know about this, I hope I make it to the full-on city water fight at some point in the future!