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Krabi, Thailand

Written on: Friday January 6th, 2012

A journal entry from: S.E. Asia 2012

What a difference 4 years make. Doing the blog on our last trip involved using steamy hot internet cafés with amazingly slow connections. Now I'm in our room at the Krabi river overlooking the river and using WIFi. Now that's progress.A mere 24 hours traveling time brought us to Bangkok. The Beijing airport is an an amazing place huge, beautiful, uncrowded and very cold. The temperature outside was -10c and it wasn't a good deal warmer inside. We were dressed for warmer climes: shorts, T-shirt sandals and very nearly froze to death. As we got on the plane in the freezing wind someone remarked that the place resembled Saskatchewan. What a relief to deplane in Bangkok! A sultry 31c. We didn't spend much time there just a quick overnight at the Best Western then in the morning a very fast flight to Krabi. Being back at the Krabi river hotel felt like coming home. It's a lovely spot on the river with a short walk along a promenade to town. We were in to town on the first night for thai massages and dinner at the night market. It's also a great place to shop for southern attire cotton short, shirts ect. On our second day in Krabi we took a long tail boat to Railay Beach. It's a beautiful spot on a peninsula that is only accessible by boat. Ralai has been discovered however and is jam packed with resorts and tourists. Gives us the chance to see how the other half travels.


From Gail Amundsen on Jan 7th, 2012

I discovered a Canadian bag with Canadian pins and flags on the shelve today. I forgot to give it to you on the 1st. Oh Well. For your next trip. Looks like fun!

From Carel and Bruce on Jan 7th, 2012

How is the banana roti? We are getting ready for ours! See you soon.

From Pat and Anne on Jan 7th, 2012

So glad to hear that you're 'home' safe and sound!

From Doggie Bag on Jan 11th, 2012

I saw your comment on going to Ralay Beach and seeing "how the other half travels" and then saw the picture of the river from your balcony. The view from your balcony has me wondering which half you represent!!! Glad to hear all is well. Enjoy.

From Haremp on Dec 21st, 2015

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