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Goteborg, Sweden

Written on: Friday August 15th, 2008

A journal entry from: Europe

We really have come full circle back to the place where this whole adventure began, 14 weeks, 14 countries and 11,000 km. earlier. Before taking off north Etienne Zhand took us for  a wonderful hike in the mountains near Mulhouse. We ended the day with a fabulous dinner of crudités and charcuterie at a ferme auberge.  It was great to get a bit of exercise as we had a three day drive to get back to Sweden where we were to leave the Volvo for shipment home. The autobahns accross Germany make the driving very fast although the roads were extremely busy. We decided to shorten the trip a bit by taking the ferry from a port in northern Germany to an island in Denmark just south of Copenhagen. From there it is just a short hop then another ferry to Sweden. We spent a couple of days in southern Sweden before dropping the car off. Southern Sweden is just a way of speaking as the southernmost part of that country is at about the same latitude as Peace River in northern Alberta. As a result the weather there is a little brisk even in the summer and although the coast is lined with beautiful beaches there would be few days during the year that you would be able to go swimming. No wonder we saw so many Swedes in Thailand. It was a little chilly for camping so we spent a couple of nights at farm bed and breakfast places. It is very peaceful being in the countryside among the cows and chickens. After dropping the car off at the Volvo delivery centre we go a ride to the Goteborg airport where we are steeling ourselves for the long flight home.