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Cavtat, Croatia

Written on: Thursday June 26th, 2008

A journal entry from: Europe

We haven t moved a great deal in the last few days. Croatia continues to be a wonderful experience, uncrowded beaches, brillant sunshine and good food. We left our great camping spot on Korcula and headed for the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik.It has been called the jewel of the Adriactic and indeed it is a breathtakingly beautiful walled town. We paused long enouth to walk through the twisted streets of the old town but the huge crowds of tourists drove us further along the coast.

Our plan was to head down to Montenegro, the neighboring counry to the south and the world s newest country as well. When we drove down this coast 32 years ago Croatia and Montenegro were part of the same country so of course we didn t really notice passing from one to the other. Things have changed! While coastal Croatia resembles France or Italy, Montenegro seems stuck in the past - almost unchanged from the last time we were here. The cars are old, the roads in terrible condition and the drivers are crazy. There are awful concrete buildings and garbage eveywhere. We were thinking of going to the beach but they are super crowded and not very nice.The rich East European mafia has obvously moved in and bought up all the best coastal land leaving the rest for the masses. The only worthwhile thing we saw was the town of Kotor. It has a dramatic setting and beautiful walls which make it almost worth the trip. We were going to stay a week in Montenegro but came back to Croatia that same day.We are now camped on the water in a quiet little cove near the town of Cavtat. What a difference!


From Sharon on Jul 3rd, 2008

It's interesting to hear about Montenegro - I'd really wanted to visit but seems we didn't miss anything at this point - maybe next time!