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Written on: Wednesday June 18th, 2008

A journal entry from: Europe

The Dalmatian coast certainly has changed in the last 32 years! The drive down the coast is as beautiful as ever but the road is in much better shape. We bypassed Split as the rain was pouring down but by the time we were on the ferry to the island of Hvar the sun was shining. We drove part way up to the town of Jelsa and found a great campsite on the beach not far from town. It was a wonderful place for riding, beaching and watching Euro 2008 while eating heaps of gelato. We had one adventuresome ride. Our map showed it was a circular route with some paved road and some off road. We started by going through a tunnel 1.6 km long. It was alright as there were lights and a sidewalk we could jump on when traffic went by. From there we followed some beautiful single track along the coast to a deserted cove with a beautiful beach. Then things got bad. The trail deteriorated into a goat path over the top of a giant cliff over the water. We ended up carrying our bikes most of the way, at least 4km. Then it was another stretch of road along the coast ending at another tunnel through the mountain and back to Jelsa. This tunnel was nothing like the first! It was just as long but with no lights, no sidewalk and just wide enough for a small car to pass through. . We had no choice as it was getting late and way too far to go back the other way. Inside the tunnel it was pitch black and we kept crashing into walls. When a car went through we had to hug the side to avoid being hit. We finally emerged bloodied and dirty with one of Bev s pedals completely seared off. I think we ll stick to pavement for awhile.

We are now camped on the island of Korcula. Again it is a wonderful place with a beautiful walled town within walking distance of the campsite. The harbour is full of expensive yachts, sailboats and cruiseships. The price remains low and we have enjoyed the local cuisine which is a mixture of Italian and German with an Adriactic flavor. The sun is finally shining brightly so we are catching some rays before heading for Bosnia and points north.


From Gail on Jun 19th, 2008

I could barely bring myself to look at your latest entry because I knew it was going to be beautiful and I was right. The weather here is too depressing for words.

From Barb on Jun 22nd, 2008

That was some bike trip!Sounds like you were lucky to even make it back! Thanks for phoning the other day. I'm doing o,k, I guess- everyone has been so kind,and the boys have been a comfort. Block party tomorrow. Weather looks good for it . Cheers, Barb

From Sharon B. on Jul 3rd, 2008

Whoa! You guys! The tunnel sounded awful - no flashlights? That's insane. 'Glad you made it through. I remember Jelsa for a great swimming area. :) Thinking of you, Sharon