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Umbria, Italy

Written on: Wednesday June 4th, 2008

A journal entry from: Europe

Back in Italy after all this time. It remains as beautiful as ever. So far we have been able to explore some new places and some places that we have visited in the past. Cinque terre was for us a new experience. It is situated along the Ligurian coastline northern Italy. There are five villages acessible only by sea, train, and a very tortuous road which keeps the traffic light. This was our kind of place as the emphasis was on walking. We have never seen so many walkers gathered together in one place. On the Sentienda arozza, which is the classic walk linking the five villages, it was extremely crowded but we were able to do a couple of the higher walks into the neighboring hills. This had the advantage of thinning out the crowds considerably and also offering fabulous views. Although these former fishing villages now make the better part of their income through tourism we were impressed at how unspoiled this section of the coast was. No billboards, no car dealerships and no MacDonalds.

From Cinque Terre we made our way south through Tuscany to the province of Umbria. Our destination was a former monastry that one of our good friends has rented for the week. She invited a number of her closest friends to spend the time with her and her family. We are enjoying a wonderful week with a roof over our head, great food to eat, good countryside for bike riding and fun people to be with. Llife is good!



From Lori on Jun 4th, 2008

Gorgeous photos! I think you are having much more fun than we are! It has been a cold and rainy start to June. Think of us Friday as we enjoy a soggy Sports Day.

From Linda and Ted on Jun 8th, 2008

The weather has been equally nasty in the Okanagan. We're really looking forward to the summer! Looks like you've found some very beautiful places and with all the necessities, wine, cheese,......!