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Mulhouse, France

Written on: Saturday May 17th, 2008

A journal entry from: Europe

If it's Tuesday this must be Germany(or Sweden or Norway). On our first day of travelling we put some serious milage under our belts. We left Goteborg around noon and by dinner time we were nearly out of Denmark. We decided to keep right on going into northern Germany. It was too late to find a hotel or campground so we decided to test the sleeping capacity of the Volvo. We pulled off the autobahn and found a quiet farmer's field . The Volvo is no VW van but there is enough room for two to stretch out (almost). Problem was it was so cold that we didn't get much sleep anyway. We were back on the road extremely early as a result but not before finding a great conditorei for some good German coffee and kuchen. To get us back into the German ambiance we again exited the autobahn to visit the town of Hameln (of pied piper fame). German cities have largely embraced the idea of a pedestrian centre to the town so they are great places to walk around - once you have found a place to park. Next we set off by some much quieter roads for a small section of the Rhine river that we like the most - the one full of castles and quaint little towns. Our final leg of this section of the journey was a sprint down the autobahn through central Germany to the town of Mulhouse where we are visiting with our friends the Zahnds.