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Goteborg, Sweden

Written on: Monday May 12th, 2008

A journal entry from: Europe

It's quite a change going from a mid range Third World country to a top of the line First World country (if you forget a little blip of a three week layover in Vancouver).Bangkok and Goteborg are certainly two very different venus. To start with the temperature which has dropped from plus 40C to a bracing 15C. The palm trees have been replaced by pines and the bustling crowds of perpetually excited Thais by a far lesser number of calm Swedes. The irony is that these same Swedes are the same ones who populate Thailand's beaches during the winter months. It's interesting to see them here "sans suntans".

We were met at the airport yesterday by a driver from Volvo who whisked us off to the factory delivery centre. Less than an hour later we were behind the wheel of our brand new red (of course) station wagon. We circled around the centre of town for the next hour (or more) trying to find the Radisson Hotel (generously provided by Volvo for our first night's stay). Hopefully this will not become a pattern that will repeat itself as gas is very expensive here.