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Hanoi, Vietnam

Written on: Sunday March 23rd, 2008

A journal entry from: S.E.Asia

What a change! Hoi An was touristy but at the same time sleepy. Hanoi,par contre, is a hive of activity. The noise , the activity, the traffic are unbelievable. Unfortunately the people of Hanoi have exchanged bicycles for motorcycles and the motorcycles reign. They occupy every street and every sidewalk. There is really no room for the humble pedestrian. We are staying in the old quarter which is full of small twisty streets. Each street sells its specialty and ours is meat-on display from the early morning until late at night. No refrigeration. For a break we took a three day trip to Halong Bay(along with about 40,000 other tourists). By good luck however we found a tour company that owns its own island in Halong Bay so we spent the first night in a beautiful bungalow across the bay from Cat Ba town. The second day was not so much fun. In the middle of some fairly blustery weather, right between a couple of fairly large rocks, the motor of our boat started sprouting smoke and flames. The situation might not have been quite so bad but the captain's cell phone batteries were dead. Bev and I were ready to jump ship but we were rescued by a fishing boat. A new boat was called in and we made it back to the sleeping boat to spend the night anchored in Halong Bay. The next day we awoke to glorious sunshine which is very lucky at this time of the year. Tomorow it's off by plane to Vietiane Laos.


From Thea on Mar 25th, 2008

The journal/photos are fascinating! You could publish a book!

From Lori on Mar 28th, 2008

Gorgeous photos! What a great adventure! You look so tanned and healthy. I am looking outside the window at the snow falling here in North Van. You picked the perfect year for your trip. Bring some sun back with you please.

From Marianne on Mar 30th, 2008

Thanks for keeping us informed; beautiful photos and description on your travels. Spring break is almost over for those of us working (!) at schools. Keep on travelling; we're enjoying your holidays!

From Dominique on Mar 30th, 2008

Superbe encore une fois... si Pierre voit les "noodles everywhere" il va tout de suite prendre un billet d'avion pour Hanoi!

From Ali on Mar 27th, 2012

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