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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Written on: Sunday February 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: S.E.Asia

Our trip up from southern Thailand was amazingly hassle free. The night sleeper to Bankok was a dream. The best sleep we have had since leaving home. From Bankgok we took the train again to the Thai border town of Araynaprathet and then a 3 hour taxi along a dusty, bumpy road to Siem Reap, the town next to the Ankor Wat temple ruins. Cambodia remains one of the world's poorest countries and you can certainly see examples of grinding poverty on the road into town. In Siem Reap you exist in a world of parallel universes. The amazing 5 star hotels and golf courses along one road and small , crowded thatched huts along others. Ankor Wat is the primo tourist draw in S.E. Asia and the temples certainly deserve their reputation. Being here makes one hope that the huge influx of tourism dollars will filter down to the lower end of the population but unfortunately a lot is skimmed off at the top. This is, however, a world class NGO destination and tons of aid money is pouring in for all kinds of projects. The most pressing , to our minds, being education as many of the children still do not go to school and the literacy rate remains very low. That said the Cambodians are a wonderful people with huge smiles even when they are scamming you for a dollar here and there.


From Guillaume on Feb 11th, 2008

Hi there ! It brings back memories to read your journal and watch your pictures. So far, I've been there one year ago, but more like a dirty backpacker. Anyway, have a good time and keep on sharing !

From Dominique on Feb 11th, 2008

I don't see your bikes! Bravo for your pictures, I like the child boating in the middle of the river.

From Ray and Sharon on Feb 13th, 2008

Love your photos you guys! You look like you're having a blast and experiencing some amazing culture and scenery. (Ray) 'Sitting here with my Navan while a lime/tarragon salmon bakes after having worked a 10 hr day. Yup, your holiday looks really appealing - our's continues to be a 2 hour vacance: Harrison/Semiahmoo/Whistler/ 'want to get to Silverstar, have the tickets, but..not yet. Katrine leaves for Australia Feb 28th and Jacques is thinking of following her - or staying in Europe post June. Love the adventure, keep it coming! Maybe we'll follow in your footsteps like the year in France. Lead on... xo Sharon B.

From Linda and Ted on Feb 15th, 2008

It's great to see your trip unfold! So different from your trips to Europe when we wouldn't hear from you for months!

From Marilyn & Greg on Feb 17th, 2008

Your writing and photos are outstanding! We are enjoying following your footstops and can understand so clearly the contradictions you are experiencing.