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Trang, Thailand

Written on: Sunday February 3rd, 2008

A journal entry from: S.E.Asia

The sun seeking, island hopping part of our trip has come to an end. It's a good thing our visas are expiring in a couple of days or we may have been tempted to laze around here the entire trip. Life is easy.  You hop on a boat, sail to the next place have them reserve ahead for you etc. We've been in Thailand a month now and haven't carried our backpacks for more than 15 minutes. There is always someone to do it for you. We really got away from it all on the islands of Sukorn and Libong in Trang province. There are only a couple of small resorts on each and the village people continue with their traditional occupations of fishing and rubber tapping. Thai people in general are friendly but these islanders are wonderful. When you walk through a village you feel like a celebrity with everyone calling out Hello, How are you and What is your name. These areas were not badly hit from the Tsunami but there remains reconstruction to be done particularly in the sea gypsy villages. We are in Trang now waiting for the night train to Bangkok and then on to Siam Reap. It's time now to get down to the serious work of travelling.


From Jeff on Feb 3rd, 2008

Of course, the contrast between our winter/snow/freezing rain and your warmth/beaches/sunshine could not be more dramatic. Enjoy!

From Kathy and Bruce on Feb 4th, 2008

Just to make you feel even better and us worse it is sleeting outside and 1 degree and that is in South Surrey. What a fabulous journey you are having!!!!!