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Still in Koh Lanta

Written on: Monday January 14th, 2008

A journal entry from: S.E.Asia

This has been the most relaxing way to begin a trip ever and a great change from cold, gloomy Vancouver weather. Massages on the beach, great food and lots of fruit drinks. While apparently a lot of Thailand has been infested by large scale development  Koh Lanta  is relativly untouched. There are a couple of resorts on the north end of the island but on our beach there are just bungalows. The other day we walked into  town via the road. It's a little bit of an eye opener as the local Thai's standard of living differs hugely from what you see on the beach. In two days we are off to a small island called Koh Jum about an hour away by boat. Then it's back to Krabi town and over to the other side of the peninsula for a bit. I had hoped to post more pictures but this connection is really slow.


From Jeff on Jan 14th, 2008

Just so you know, the postings and pictures/captions you are sending are coming through the way you intended them to. The site appears to be working OK. Koh Lanta looks idyllic - you're sure you want to move on?

From Carel on Jan 15th, 2008

Amazing !!!please add me to your journal. carel.featherstone@telus.net

From Gail on Jan 17th, 2008

You are making us extremely jealous . It is freezing here and grey.Koh Lanta looks like paradise.

From Lori on Jan 19th, 2008

Where are the pix of Bev in her bikini?

From Cathie & Denny on Jan 19th, 2008

Glad to hear you are having such a great time! Jan and your mum arrive here on Monday. Looking forward to going shopping with Jan!