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Koh Lanta, Thailand

Written on: Thursday January 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: S.E.Asia

Here we are finally, after close to 30 hours of travel. We had 6 hours to wait at the new Suvarnabhumi airport. Bev took advantage of the wait to have her first Thai massage. It was a great idea. She slept like a baby our first night, while I did not. We landed at Krabi town, a jump off point for travel further south, and took a cab to our hotel. Krabi has no beaches and so is fairly quiet tourist wise but the hotel has a lovely location on the river. We were impressed by how quiet the motor scootors are and how many new pick up trucks we saw. Krabi has a cute downtown and a great night market where we dined on grilled red snapper (head and all) . From there it was a 3 hour boat ride to the island of Koh Lantra where we have booked a bungalow for a week. It's pretty nice here-long beaches, sunny skies and great Thai food. A week of sea, sun and sand before embarking on the great adventure.


From Jeff on Jan 11th, 2008

Your first photos could not be of more stark contrast to the wet, dark, gloomy weather we are currently experiencing; nonetheless, all is well on the home front.

From Marilyn and Greg Lawrence on Jan 11th, 2008

We are envious...Thai massages, night markets, fried fresh fish and the warmth and beauty of the islands. ENJOY! Looking forward to following your journey.

From Glenna on Jan 12th, 2008

Wow so you are finally there!! I will be following your travels enviously. 1 week until Ty's wedding so we're busy. Enjoy.

From Mom on Jan 13th, 2008

I,m jealous,but leaving soon for Mexico.Couldn,t get Briac on his birthday,but will email him.Enjoy,Love Mom

From marianne on Jan 14th, 2008

Good to hear you arrived safely! W & I are heading to Florida on Jan 19 for 1 week (W has a conference, I'm tagging along). We will keep your fondue pot until you return. Love from all.

From Denny on Jan 15th, 2008

Is that all you are doing in Thailand, having massages? My speedo is packed and heading for Mexico tomorrow morning. Will keep in touch. Have fun.