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Olomouc, Czech Republic Photos

The Tatra mountains in Northern Slovakia ressemble our Rockies but they are only 49km long.

No place for a false step.

This little girl was amazing. We couldn't keep up.

You can always stop for a bowl of goulash when you get hungry.

Good thing we are flying home or we would be bringing back this kitten.

With a zillion transport trucks mixed with the odd wagon the roads in Poland were a thrill!

Our B and B south of Krakow.

Krakow has an amazing number of beautiful buildings.

Some more

Pope Jean Paul 11 hung out here for many years. It's easy to see why - I have never seen so many churches.

The nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz was rather bleak.

The food and drink in the Czech Republic remain good and cheap.

For a donation of Koruna you can have your name engraved on this bell before it is hoisted to it's location atop one of the many churches of Olomouc.

Walls around Olomouc.

We are not alone. This is the only other European Delivery Volvo we have seen, and look at the colour.