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Hanoi, Vietnam Photos

The night sleeper from Danang to Hanoi.(sleeper?)

Who needs a truck? In Hanoi all deliveries are made by moto.

Noodles, noodles everywhere.

Uncle Ho's final resting place. Restauration grace a Mme. Trussaud.

What's for dinner? Hopefully not me.

In Hanoi everything is done on the street.

Our hotel was on meat street. We turned vegetarian for the time whe were there.

Bread ayone?

These military guys don't look so tough when they are having tea.

Classic shot of the red bridge in Hanoi.

Our first meal on the boat in Halong Bay.

We kayaked through a couple of tunnels into some beautiful lagoons.

There were only 4 of us on the cruise. Two twins from Holland and us.

Our bungalow on our own private island.

Another classic shot from Halong Bay. Avec du soleil cette fois.