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Heathrow Airport, England Photos

A French cemetery near the Chemin des Dames, a long ridge that was the staging ground of several major battles that took place between 1914 and 1918.

Jacques en Betsie die ons verwelkomde naar hun prachtige huis .

Our Indonesian rice table. There were over 30 different dishes in this feast.

Heureusement Guillaume et Ediko ont fait un grand effort pour tout manger.

One of the many ferries we took on our canal ride.

Apfeltaart mit slagroom. A nice reward after a hard bike ride.

Our favourite below the water line campground in Holland.

One last round of pannenkoeken.

Dinner during our windy sail across the Channel. Curiously we were the only people that seem to have brought our own food.

The Tower Hotel. Our posh digs in Harwich.

We only had time for one meal out in England so naturally it was fish and chips.

This is the first rib of the Mayflower to be followed by another 64. All made of English oak. There is still a lot to be done.

This is one of the few remaining manpowered cranes in England. It was moved by men walking on two large wheels. Talk about walking on a treadmill!

Beach shacks in Harwich. You can pick up one of these for a mere 5,500 English pounds plus the ground rental.

The Harwich train station. We were glad to save all those carbon emissions by not flying but you need to be retired to have the time to do it.