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Epernay, France Photos

Violette can still put together an amazing meal.

A final confit de canard.

A plus to being north. There are cheese stores everywhere.

A canal in Burgundy.

We biked a bit along a canal but the path was still "en project"

Amazingly this ancient tractor still seems to work.

A few of the many champagnes we tasted.

They use one of the few remaining manual wine presses in Champagne. Looks kind of like a lot of work.

Repairing the underground cellars at Moet et Chandon. There are hundreds of kilometres of chalk cellars containing millions of bottles of champagne underneath the town of Epernay.

This staute of the inventor of the champagne style of making wine had to be covered up during the repairs.

We walked up Champagne Avenue and saw many different champagnes that we have never tried.

The view down Champagne Avenue.