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Chemin de Compostelle Part 2 Photos

One of our hotels. Except for the pizza sign you could envision D'Artagnan staying there.

We met our daughter, Clea's, schoolfriend (qui s'applelle Marie et qui a promis de venir chez nous en 2017) from Duras. She lives in one of the towns along the way.

One of the countless bridges we crossed.

We blasted through this Montreal in minutes (plus time for a coffee).

Does this mean we know where we are?

Nos deux amies bretonnes, Monique et Nicole. On marche ensemble depuis trois ans.

Almost there?

The signage on the way was really helpful

and sometimes quite decorative.

Who thought this was a good idea for a picnic table?

The Basque houses are beautiful.

The only rain we got was while heading to the Saint Jean train station.

Our E-readers matched the French train system colors perfectly.

End of the trail. Our final picnic table after walking 9 km from the bus station to arrive at our campsite at 8:30pm.