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Astorga, Spain Photos

Hiking through the schist (shale villages)

Another use for all that cork now that screwcaps have been invented.

This is where the cork comes from. Sadly many of the cork forests have been replaced by eucalyptus plantations used for wood fibre.

Probably some of our Canadian cod, dried and salted.

Porto viewed from the Torre del Clergio

This is a rabelo. The boat they used to transport the fermented wine to Vila Nova de Gaia. Now it's tanker trucks. I don't think it's wise to drive on the wine road during harvest time.

Grilled chorizo and local cheese with honey on the port. A perfect lunch before a port tasting.

Tasting some of that fine port. Blanco, ruby and Tawny (we shared one tasting!)

These oak barrels hold a fantastic amount of port and last 50 years. They are so big they have to build and break them down after use inside the warehouse.

Again two ways to cruise.

Our iconic shot of the Douro vineyards. We were lucky. Our weather was spectacular!

Our restaurant terrace. A three course meal with unlimited wine and porto for about $70. Good thing we were camped (freely) nearby.

Our Douro cruise boat. There were 5 of us on board.

The terracing is amazing. I would not enjoy harvesting these grapes!

We've started a new business. Building camper vans.

Braganca a very picturesque village in northern Portugal.