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Coimbra, Portugal Photos


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The coastline just west of Lagos.

Prince Henry the Navigator. This is the guy who started it all.

Cabo St. Vincente. The most southwesterly corner of continental Europe.

View from the Rota San Vincente (trail)

Some gardener/artist had a lot of fun here.

There are wild flowers everywhere this time of year-even wild geraniums!

The Rota San Vincente near Zambujeira.

Onyx on the trail? Feels like we are back in Africa.

Another great hike!

A restaurant along the trail. It felt like we were back in the seventies.

Most of the walk was isolated and pretty idyllic .

Seriously the Portuguese fishermen still hit the wild Atlantic in these tiny boats. At least they have motors. When we were here last they were using oars.

Apparently this is the only coastal area in the world where storks nest on the rocks.

A National Geographic shot if I do say so.

Downtown Porto Covo. Good thing you can't see the wind.

The castle in Obidos. It now houses one of the most luxurious pousadas (hotels) in Portugal. We camped that night.



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