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Seville, Spain Photos

Bev on the Peunte Viejo (the old bridge) in Ronda.

The Peunte nuevo (the new bridge, really). We know it's 120 meters from the canyon floor because we climbed it twice on foot and once by bike!

Guess they couldn't afford another bridge.

Tapas on the square in Ronda.

A white village viewed on our bike ride.

Bev at the peak of Simancon mountain in Grazalema.

Amazing Grace at 1560 meters.

This fountain in Grazalema dates from the Visigoth era.

Wine, local cheese and a campground with a stone table . What could be better?

We passed on the pitcher of bloodletting.

Those high heels and narrow streets can cause traffic jams.

The cathedral in Seville is the largest in the world so it's hard to get the whole thing in one picture.

Of course it's very beautiful inside.

An interior courtyard in old town Seville.

Checking out. We missed Seville's big fiesta by one day.i