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Ronda, Spain Photos

Deck with a view chez Marilyn and Wayne.

This isn't quite their view but close

This is the view upgraded with a Campari orange (made with fresh squeezed oranges.

We went to a view pueblo blancos (white villages) with the Mercers. The sides of the houses were often tiled like this.

The Garganta del Chorro once the site of the reputed most dangerous hiking trail in Europe (it can be seen on Utube)

It's now totally safe with guardrails and helmets and very busy with Malaga day trippers.

There were all of 4 vans in this campground. No wonder as the road there was very windy and scary.

We cycled all through this beautiful lake district.

It's springtime and poppy season.

Tapas after a long ride.

Ardales (one of the white villages) had some beautiful houses.

One of our best hikes ever. The return was through olive, orange and almond orchards.

A shepard gearing his goats up for the Transhumance (when they move to the high mountains for the summer.

Spain has a ton of solar panels

and wind mills.

This Roman bridge is over 15 centuries old and it can still support me.